Day 7: Let the New Year Begin!


Tower Garden. All it takes is a seed!
Tower Garden. All it takes is a seed!

I am sitting back pondering the upcoming year this evening. Tomorrow life will go back to a more normal routine.  I will miss the unhurried time with my husband, generic cialis viagra the visits with friends and family moving through the holiday season.  I’ll miss the excuse to eat to much, viagra sales cialis drink just a little and get off track.

However, click I am ready to build a new structure for myself this year.  I’m ready to fully step into this 365 days to a miracle experiment.  I am already taking time in my day to remember what I am grateful for in my life.  I’m taking time to meditate, exercise, read, learn new things and spend more time with my husband.  I’m excited about life again!

I have asked many of my friends and family to write pages for this blog.  It warms my heart to see the ways in which they embrace  their creative selves.  Sallie Copper wrote a wonderful article titled ‘Arts Crafts & Nurturing the Spirit‘.  Don Cashimere wrote an interesting response to my calling him a nerd titled  ‘Emotion verses Intellect‘.  Cindy Prince wrote a thoughtful article titled ‘Spiritual Growth and My Music‘.  Each of these articles gives me a chance to know them better as people.  I hope you will take the time to explore their writings and learn a little about them.

Some are wondering, why a blog.  The reason I decided to start a blog is to serve as a way to take the thoughts and desires that whirl around my head and separate them into manageable categories.  I want a place where I can explore what people share with me, a place where I can let people know the real me.

I wanted to create a place where I can block out the political debate, the people bashing, and the religious judgments.   I would like to build a blog community where we encourage one another, learn one another’s dreams and explore spiritual differences with respect.

I’m ready for a new year of love, respect and growth!  I believe miracles are found where love is welcome.  I welcome you with love to 365 Days to a Miracle.

One thought on “Day 7: Let the New Year Begin!

  1. Hello Terrie! I have just spent the last hour or so exploring and reading 365 Days to a Miracle. It has caught me up to date, and wow, my friend, took my breath away.
    You are a brave woman. I have been in the ready-to-do-it stage of suicide, and I think, although our issues were somewhat different, that I know the emotional state you were in (actually, lacking-in-emotion state might be more descriptive). The way I see it, you already got a miracle, because you left the gun store that day, did not make a purchase, and have not gone back.
    You are brave because you are taking the bull by the horns, taking back control, inch by inch…day by day. It would have been much easier for you to have left the gun store, and revised your plans. There are lots of other ways to commit suicide-my weapon of choice was my car and a huge cement support beam under an interstate overpass. You could have just tried something else. But you didn’t. What you did do is hit the proverbial bottom, and the only way out was up. You are also a strong woman. It is going to take all of it to get you to where you want to be-but I have a feeling that strength is something you will find increasing in intensity every day as you work toward your miracles-and I predict there are many coming your way.
    It doesn’t matter if you don’t put in 7 hours every day. My guess is that you will have days where you put in many more than 7 hours, and days where you won’t put in even a half an hour. But, that is okay, it is your story you are writing. As I read over all of the content here, the overriding feeling that enveloped me was gentleness. And a need to tell you to add being gentle to yourself to your daily efforts. I want to just take you in my arms and hug you.
    I will be following your blog with loving attention and regular prayer. I am also going to ask my mother, if it is okay with you, to have her prayer group add you to their daily prayer chain. They have had some very powerful results.
    Although it might be hard, I want to challenge you to become aware again of joy. To look everyday for something that might or could, or does spark your heart. Sounds like your grandbabies have done so already. And, if you don’t find it each day, then journey into the recesses of your memories for something in which you have found joy in the past, and relive that memory.
    Finally, I have to ask if you have considered trying acupuncture. I have had some major changes in mood and ability to handle stress since I started getting treatments, and it may be a helpful healing tool for you as well. My acupuncturist talked to me about how it helps bring about balance (among other benefits)-something you have already talked about needing.
    Namaste, my friend, and know that my soul is committing to work with yours. “Linka”

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