Day 11: Taking Time to Rest

It is easy to get caught up on the things we need to get done.  There is always something waiting in the wings for our time or attention.  Still, cialis sale try it is difficult to just set aside time to totally relax.  A day of rest can seem so self indulgent.

One of the lessons I have learned from being ill is to respect my bodies need for rest.  If I allow myself to become exhausted I may end up out of commission for weeks.  Yet, see I at time find it hard to just honor these messages from my body.

It always seems to come back to balance.  I appear to have two speeds.  One is hyper speed the other is off.  Today it seems the off switch has been pressed.  As I sat down to write this I could hear the tired voices in my head telling me nobody cares what you have to say.  Your tired just go rest.  In truth, treatment that is just what I did.

Rest is important. So are the commitments we make to ourselves.  I had to remind myself I am doing this to learn balance and to work at changing the behaviors that no longer serve me.  While it is true, my body needs rest my mind still needs to focus on developing the habit of discipline.

So as I sit here under a blanket, reaching for yet another tissue, drugged by cold medicine I reflect on how even now my body , mind and spirit long for balance.  I began this post at 8:27 last night.  I am now finishing it at 8:27 this morning.  Balance? Not yet,but the Universe does have an interesting bit of humor to it!

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