Time Passes! Life Grows On!

Summer Garden
Summer Garden

Planting season is sneaking in under all the snow.  I am shifting my focus to growth, viagra canada sales health and faith.

Gardening has been a big part of keeping me sane over the last few years.  I love playing in the dirt, buy cialis exploring different growing methods, and researching companion gardening,  I also love that  plants don’t judge.

Today, I am developing the plan for my garden beds.  It is so much fun to see how large my garden has become over the last three years.  personal photo's 056I started with three 2×2 raised beds made from pallets.  We stacked them  together three high, added sides cut from plywood and a liner of growing fabric.  Then filled them with soil, lettuce, tomato and pepper plants and watered them.   I also had a planter that was once a washing machine tub filled with herbs. That was my first year of gardening!

We now have in-door growing lights, two 6×3  vegetable beds in the front yard, 2 Earth Boxes, a Trug Garden, a Raspberry and Blackberry bed, a Blueberry bed, a Blueberry path and 2 Tower Gardens.  We also have herb gardens and companion flowers planted around these  garden beds.  it just keeps growing.  There is so much to learn, so much to discover. I am surprised how much I have come to love gardening.  All I was looking for was fresh tomatoes and cheaper peppers!

This year I hope to add 2 potato cages!  My goal is to start a Tower Garden Farm.  It will take a lot of money, planing and some help. The goal is to be able to feed our family for the year off the food we grow and sell enough to build a retirement business.   I am researching all the details, zoning, marketing, business plans and so on.

I must say it is hard to keep the faith I can reach this goal when my body is barely able to move. I don’t yet have the funds to get started and there is so much to learn.  Still, it just feels right.  Gardening has the ability to always pull me back even after watching the plants fade away.  There is always, more to learn and explore.  It brings me such joy to see these little seeds come to life! It seems the best place to find my Miracle may be in the garden.

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