Music is Life

don cashimereHi, viagra sales rx my name is Don Cashimere, tadalafil help I’m married to the awesome Terrie Cashimere.  Apart from friends and family, music is the love of my life.  Terrie suggested that I contribute some thoughts about music, so here goes…

What is music?  Since this is my writing, I’ll give you my definition – music is the coherent assembly of rhythm, melody and harmony.  By that definition, I can think of our solar system as ‘music’.  It certainly has rhythm, the planets all rotate in regular patterns around the sun, and the solar system itself follows a regular path through the Milky Way.

Melody?  Everything in the universe vibrates, and therefore makes it’s own signature ‘sound’.  Now, most of these ‘sounds’ can’t be heard with the human ear, but the human ear has a very limited range of frequencies it can perceive.  Our dog, Lance (the greatest Black Lab in the history of the universe) has a much greater hearing range than  I do, so his auditory world is much wider than mine.  I’ll bet that if I had the ears to hear, the universe would make some awesome melodies.

How about harmony?  Since everything moves in regular patterns, and all these different ‘sounds’ and frequencies co-exist, I think that’s pretty harmonious.  I came across an interesting factoid a few years ago.  The mathematical equations that describe a vibrating guitar string are similar to the equations that describe the rotation of an electron around the nucleus of an atom.  The interactions of electrons form the very basis of electricity and chemistry, and these are fundamental processes of life itself.  Therefore, music is life!  Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but really not that much.  In the coming weeks, I’ll share with you some of my thoughts about this and related phenomena in this phenomenal universe of ours.  Take care…

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  1. it’s all string theory, lol! i say that in jest but i imagine it’s closer to the truth than we may realize. i’m looking forward to further insights.

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