Getting to know me.

Terrie a few years ago.
Terrie a few years ago.

Welcome to “365 Days to a Miracle”. My name is Terrie Cashimere.  This story begins when I was enjoying my career as a Life Coach.  At that time I was studying to become a SOM (Science of Mind) minister.  I served on a Unity Church board of directors and spoke at Sunday services once in awhile. I led workshops and seminars and I was trying to organize members of my community to open a holistic center.  I loved my life and felt very blessed to be doing the work I was doing.

Presently, viagra buy for sale  I love to garden, discount viagra write, paint and research.  I am happily married.  We have three grown children, five amazing grandchildren and a beautiful black lab who thinks he’s a lap dog!

A few years ago my life shifted.  Without cause or reason my body, mind and spirit simply shut down.  In essence,  everything I knew myself to be simply ended.  I become a person I did not recognize. Where I was once loving, kind, fearless and compassionate I become bitter, mean, fearful and uncaring,  I found myself on a very dark journey.   This blog is a part of my path back to myself.

After spending much of the Holiday season “binge” watching Holiday movies I thought it would be nice to star in my own Holiday movie.   So I am spending the next 365 days in search of turning my life into it’s own real life Miracle.

I will use the skills I learned in my studies and my career as a Life Coach to bring forth my own miracle. I will share with my readers how I have spent the last few years of my life and together we will take a journey towards A New Life Imagined.  Since I am currently unable to work I will spend 7 hours a day for the next 365 days working to become the person I strive to be.  This will be my job!

I plan to spend 1 hour a day on each of 7 categories

  1. Spirituality
  2. Health
  3. Family
  4. Community
  5. Education
  6. Wealth
  7. Creativity

That is 49 hours a week in search of the Miracle I seek. I fear this will not be an easy journey.  I have many health issues,  lack discipline and have lost faith.  Still,  I feel I must try!  I have been told by many I am suffering a crisis of faith.  I am not sure faith is where my answers can be found.  However, I will let the journey play out and see where it leads.  I do however ask people to refrain from religious rants or judgments.   I will honor your right to believe as you feel called to believe.  Please honor all others in the same way.

Join me daily as I share my journey.  I look forward to learning of your journey as well.  Hopefully together we will find our way to playing the lead role in our own true life Miracle.

This is the beginning of a New Life Imagined.

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