The Many Faces of Hopelessness

In the American society, cialis buy medicine depression and mental illness are shunned.  We as a community claim we would like to see a world where everyone is happy and we feel safe.  We often address things such as the crime rates, prostate gun control, unemployment, and substance abuse.

However, society really doesn’t address the issue of hopelessness.  Many don’t understand why you can’t  just suck it up and get over it.  A lot of people think somehow misery is deserved due to lifestyle choices, lack of employment, or lack of personal character .  Some believe it is God’s punishment for some present or past behavior.

Often when seeking help people hear things like “you made your bed now lie in it”.  When struggling with money issues people will tell you “just get a job” as if that hasn’t occurred to you.  When someone expresses loneliness it is often met with silence.

While people do need to take personal responsibility  there are a million ways in which we do not take the time to hear what others are saying.   We get busy, we feel powerless, we lack empathy, we think our way is the only way, and on and on it goes.

The social impact of this is an increase in both physical and mental illness, increased suicide rates and an increase in mass shootings.   It  has a negative impact on our economy as well.  As a society we need to address the underlying issue of depression and mental illness.

Rather than debate the issues, I have asked friends of mine to share stories of how depression and mental illness have impacted their lives and where it has taken them.

Look for articles over the next few weeks as we explore the many faces of Hopelessness.

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