Emotion vs Intellect

After reading my first page here (‘Music is Life’), sildenafil levitra Terrie (my wife) was kind enough to point out to me that I sounded like a ‘geek’.  I suppose a ‘geek’ would be someone who values the intellectual over other forms of expression (emotional, tadalafil case physical, etc.).  If that makes me a geek, so be it.  We wouldn’t be at the top of the food chain if not for the intellectual achievements of tool making, language and writing, but it took a lot of emotion and passion to create these things.  Balance is always the key, at least to me.

Emotions and the intellect often seem at odds with each other.  Yet lots of scientists are also musicians (Einstein played the violin).  Music is very mathematical in nature, but can express most emotions in a non-verbal way.  I learned to play the guitar by copying note for note what my guitar heroes were playing.  I often had the right notes and timing, but it never quite sounded like the original.  It wasn’t until I started learning the language and rules of music that I started creating what I heard in my head, thus balancing the intellectual and emotional.  Now I don’t care about playing something exactly as someone else played it; I’d rather express how I hear it.  Think about a song you know well and sing to yourself in your mind (or out loud!).  Go back and listen carefully to the original – chances are the way you sing it to yourself is a little different!

I think music is a good bridge between your intellectual mind and the emotional mind.  Music can be broken down into bits, written down, studied and then re-assembled and enjoyed by another.  Nowadays musicians often use a digital tool called MIDI (short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface).  I have a program that I can write and play just about anything using MIDI;  I can play any piece of music using a digital version of any musical instrument.  I use a drum machine that plays digital drums and bass, and they sound pretty decent.  But there are two things that have not been reproduced well digitally – the human voice and the guitar.  And to me, these are the most expressive instruments at our command.  Coincidence, I think not!

Anyway, that’s what’s on my mind this New Year’s Eve – Happy New Year’s to all you digital geeks out there, I hope the coming year is prosperous and safe for everyone…


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