Spiritual Growth and My Music

Cindy Prince
Cindy Prince

I’ve always had a love affair with words and I had written poetry on and off since my early teens.   I have often felt that by writing down my thoughts, cialis sale viagra emotions, buy viagra problems, and joys that I could bring a sort of therapy to my soul.

I really began writing song lyrics in 2007.  It was the year that I lost my mother and near the time she passed, I had this very strong feeling that I should begin to try my hand at songwriting. This, coupled with listening to the radio and wanting to cringe at what I was hearing made me think it was something I would love and might bring in income for our family at some point.

When I first wrote a song lyric about Katrina and New Orleans that later became a song, I was so moved!  Another artist could hear the music by reading my words.  It seemed like a miracle then, and it does every time my lyrics find a home.  With the internet, I can write with other songwriters all over the world.  This has expanded my horizons, improved my writing, and I can have a taste of what other lives are like.

When I won an award for my songwriting with another artist in Finland, and a singer in New Zealand, it really reminded me of how wonderful it is that you can bring the world together with music.

I have written songs about race, poverty, gun violence, mental illness, family, animals, humor, and many types of love.  Every time I finish a lyric, or hear a song from my lyrics, I feel like I am expanding my consciousness a little bit more. I know that I have been healed in many ways by my writing and sharing my writing with others.

Painful things of the past no longer bother me as much. My self esteem is better than before and I feel that I love myself and others more deeply. I have often had songs come to me while meditating or just being quiet.

If I can bring a smile, a longing, an uplifting message to this world I want to do that. If I can be a part of healing, I want to do that. If I can in some way bring earth’s people together I want to do that.  My writing is a blessing for me and I want to bless others as well with my words.

Cindy Prince is a lyricist her work can be found at  http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/user/cindyrella

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