Health will be the biggest challenge for me.  At this point I need to release at least 130 pounds.   I have seizures, viagra mind heart palpitations, cialis sales blurred vision, irregular blood pressure, migraines, and limited mobility.  Increased exercise intensifies my symptoms and I am recovering from a  years of extreme depression brought on by these health issues.

In addition, healing I use my limited mobility as an excuse to give up on healthy eating habits.

I struggle with the fact that I was exercising 2 hours everyday and training for a marathon when I became ill.  I want to be where I was rather than accept where I am.

 I will no longer allow this to stop me from moving forward.

The good news is I am very knowledgeable about healthy diet and exercise.  I have access to healthy food. I grow healthy organic food and I know how to cook it.  I also have a lot of success with the Paleo food plan and will continue to use it as I move forward.

My goal is to slowly increase my mobility.  I will start with walking everyday.  This is frustrating for me since I have seizures and intense pain if a try to move to quickly.  I get frustrated with my limitations. However, ampoule my goal and intent is to spend 1 hour every day  preparing healthy meals and slowly building my mobility through exercise.


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