Family is an extremely important part of personal growth.  As we grow older our  children grow up and move away.  Our parents age and/or die.  Our brothers and sisters have long  since moved on with their own lives and families. Our spouses become the core of  the family unit unless they have also passed or moved on.  In many cases we have developed a group of friends who provide the role of family in our lives.

It becomes easy to get lost in the belief that they will always be there tomorrow.  As we age we start to realize there may not be that many tomorrows.  Still it is easier to move through our days taking care of everything other than our personal relationships.

An hour a day seems like such a small amount of time to spend with those you love. However, viagra sale try when you think of all the distractions we allow to eat away our time it is easy to see how we need to make a point of taking this time.

My goal is to spend 1 hour a day without computer, tadalafil healing television, phones , devices, or distractions in conversation and/or activity with my family.



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