For me community is about developing a connection with the world around me.   It is about looking beyond my own little world and becoming a part of something more important than myself.  I have always been drawn to be involved in community projects.  As I explore this more deeply  I am able to see it has always been a part of my healing process.

As a child it helped me understand poverty and hunger in the world. It gave me an opportunity  to work with others to develop solutions. Interestingly, generic viagra discount the community project I am currently working on is still seeking to solve these issues.  As part of my seven hours a day commitment  I will be spending an hour a day on this community project.  The goal of ‘Many Hands Food Co-op’ is to have a community owned grocery store up and running by the end of 2014.  Given my other personal goals it seems the perfect place to put my energy.

I am a part of The Many Hands Food Co-Op, cialis canada see


1070043_542330335830261_775404691_n (250x236)Creating a community-owned grocery store in Binghamton, NY that will help us feed our families healthy food, support local farms, and create local jobs.

The Many Hands Co-op is a member-owned food co-op dedicated to social, fiscal and environmental responsibility. 

Our goal is to provide the community with access to affordable and nutritious food options as well as education and outreach, while strengthening the local food system by incorporating locally produced goods.

I feel blessed to be working with an ever growing group of people that have the same goals in mind. It can be challenging to work with groups of people.  It teaches us much about ourselves, often things we would rather not know!  Community is on my daily list because I believe in order to find a true miracle you must first find a place where you find human connection.  The miracle comes in the shared love of the creative process.

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